Ma Xiaoqiu delivered a lecture at United Nations Headquarter at 12:00 on April 11th, 2018 (local time in the U.S.). The lecture was sponsored by China’s Ding Yifeng Group, organized by Top 100 Collectors Group and Wall Street HR Finance Association, and co-organized by US-China Entrepreneurs’ Federation, China Institute in America, Zen Tao Business School, Zhichong Culture and Business World. More than 60 guests from the financial street Wall Street, mainstream media and Chinese associations in the United States listened to the lecture by Ma Xiaoqiu (list of guests attached).

United Nations Headquarter in New York

Ms. Jing Li (a famous American NBC host), Mr. Yang Hao (President of Top 100 Collectors Group) and Dr. Yi Jinsheng (President of Wall Street Gravity Group and Vice President of Wall Street Financial Association) chaired the lecture together.

Ma Xiaoqiu Delivering Lecture

The lecture of Ma Xiaoqiu was themed as “The Person Pursuing Sun”. Through her own story full of twists and turns, she elaborated on how she absorbed the wisdom of Taoism to change her own destiny. She said that Tao Te Ching played a key role in her life and the success of Ding Yifeng. She experienced a lot of miseries on her journey from confusion to being enlightened until conviction and pursuit, but she never regretted. She summarized the management wisdom of Tao Te Ching into these words: “inaction by leaders, action by subordinates, success by uniting, stopping at nothing”, and she applied such wisdom to enterprise management. Ding Yifeng developed rapidly into a multinational corporation engaged in six sectors, thirteen industries and valued at over 50 billion yuan within a short period of 8 years from 2011 until now.

Ma Xiaoqiu Shared Wisdom of Tao Te Ching with Guests

Ding Yifeng Group decided to set up a subsidiary in Manhattan, New York in early April, aiming at disclosing the business philosophy of Ding Yifeng Group to the financial center at the focus of the world.

Dr. Yi Jinsheng Awarded Medal Great Sage to Ma Xiaoqiu

Famous Calligrapher Li Guitian Presented Calligraphy Works Zen Dao to Ma Xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu believed that Tao Te Ching told about truth and truth was exactly the sun that she pursued in her heart. She was willing to spend all her life in promoting the landing and spreading of Chinese thoughts.

Group Photo between Ma Xiaoqiu and Mr. Yang Hao

Group Photo between Ma Xiaoqiu and Guest

The passionate, exciting and thoughtful lecture of Ma Xiaoqiu deeply touched every guest. This was the first time in history that Chinese entrepreneur elaborated on the wisdom of Daoism in the United Nations so comprehensively, vividly and profoundly. Guests at scene were moved by the determination and perseverance of Ma Xiaoqiu in “pursuing sun”. Many people were moved to tears. At the end of the lecture, applause thundered and lasted for a long time. Everyone said that they had benefited a lot from such a “Great Lecture”. Kelly Wright, the news anchor of American mainstream TV FOX and twice winner of Emmy Award, asked to take a photo with Ma Xiaoqiu, and proposed to work with her to organize a cultural exchange campaign between the East and the West in New York to promote Sino-American cultural exchange. In order to express his strong resonance with Ma Xiaoqiu, Kelly also sang the song named “if we can help each other”, the favorite song of Martin Luther King.

Kelly Wright Sang If We Can Help Each Other for Ma Xiaoqiu

Group Photo between Kelly Wright and Ma Xiaoqiu

The lecture by President Ma Xiaoqiu at United Nations Headquarter symbolizes that ancient Chinese civilization has become global cultural demand and that Chinese values are affecting the whole world quietly.

Group Photo between Ma Xiaoqiu and Some Guests

Kindly note: formal media draft of “Lecture by Ma Xiaoqiu at United Nations Headquarter” will be published officially by such authoritative media as Xinhua News Agency, World Daily and People’s Daily. Let’s look forward to it!

List of some guests:

Yang Hao, President of Top 100 Collectors Group

Yi Jinsheng, President of Wall Street Gravity Group and Vice President of Wall Street Financial Association

Markley Wilson, Director of New York State Tourism Bureau

Zheng Qirong, Candidate for Mayor of New York City and Director of Asian Office for Brooklyn Borough President Adams

Yang Wenyan, UNESCO Consultant

He Yong, Project Leader of the United Nations to China and Chairman of Humanity Society of China Institute in America.

Ma Jianguo, Vice Chairman of UN Correspondents Association and President of UN Branch of Xinhua News Agency

Nagy, Officer of Meeting and Activities Division of the United Nations Headquarter

John Crutcher, Former Judge of New York State Court and Legal Expert in Investment and Restructuring

Russ Gerson, Partner of Trinity Cadence (Famous American Management and Investment Company) and Grandson-In-Law of President Roosevelt.

Andrew Zhao, Vice President of Starr Group

Ruth Jin, Star Lawyer Selected by the New York Times

Kevin Chen, Financial Professor of New York University

Lou Xinyue, President of American Longchuang Group, Li Jun, President of Wall Street Club

Gerard Mckeon, Publisher of Black Tie China

Chen Feng, Vice President and Translator of United Nations Tai Chi Association

Editor | Li Jiawen

Photo | Jiang Meihua