On April 10th, 2018 (local time in the U. S.), Ma Xiaoqiu, President of Ding Yifeng Group, was invited to attend the interview program New York Lounge of Sinovision TV after her journey to China Forum of Harvard University. She talked with Tan Lin, a famous Chinese host in the United States, about Chinese traditional culture and modern enterprise management at the program.

New York Lounge is a trump-card program of Sinovision TV. It’s known as the most famous overseas Chinese TV program with rich cultural connotations. So far a lot of Chinese political leaders, industrial celebrities and cultural authorities have already been interviewed by the program, such as U.S. Transportation Secretary Zhao Xiaolan, the famous host Yang Lan, U.S. shipping tycoon Zhao Xicheng, GE’s former vice president Yang Xuelan, the writer Bai Xianyong and the musician Tan Dun, etc. They talked about latest current events, industrial development, cultural heritage and other topics at the program, which won the love and support of audience.

This time Ma Xiaoqiu attended the interview of New York Lounge as a cultural inheritor as well as an up-and-coming industrial rookie. She shared her unique views on Chinese traditional culture and modern enterprise management.

Ma Xiaoqiu said at the interview that she summed up the management wisdom of Tao Te Ching into “inaction by leaders, action by subordinates, action by union, stopping at nothing” and applied this to enterprise management in reality. Ding Yifeng has developed from a small anonymous company to a large multinational corporation with branch offices throughout more than 100 countries and regions, such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Britain and Australia, over the past eight years. The Group’s gold trading in recent years attracts a lot of attention with yields in 2017 up to 57.79% which is far higher than that of counterparts. The current achievements accomplished by Ding Yifeng are attributable to the support of Ding Yifeng’s core technology “Zen I Ching Investment Method” and to the trust and support of employees, shareholders and customers of Ding Yifeng which insists on managing enterprises with ethics.

Ma Xiaoqiu believes that after Ding Yifeng sets up its subsidiary in such an open and inclusive city as New York, it will certainly make its own contribution to economic globalization with the help of flourishing New York.

Ma Xiaoqiu is interviewed by New York Lounge. More details about the program and broadcast time will be released on the official websites of Sinovision TV and Ding Yifeng. In addition, great event will take place tomorrow (April 11th, local time in the U.S.). Let’s look forward to it!