U.S. – China 2018 Executive Summit was held at Harvard Club of New York City

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U.S. – China 2018 Executive Summit was held at Harvard Club of New York City on the morning of April 12th, 2018 (local time in New York). Ma Xiaoqiu, President of Ding Yifeng Group, was invited to attend the summit. The summit was organized by China Institute in America and co-organized by China-U.S. Exchange Foundation and U.S. National Governors Association. The theme of the summit was Business in the New World Order with focus on Opportunities and Challenges for China to Invest in U.S., Re-Orientation of China-U.S. Trade Relations and other major topics.

Ma Xiaoqiu was communicating with Mr. Charles Sullivan, North American Representative of Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Group) Co. Ltd, China

Ma Xiaoqiu exchanged business cards with Mr. Bei Jianzhong, second son of international architectural master Ieoh Ming Pei and Vice Chairman of the Council of New York China Institute

Yang Hao, Bei Jianzhong, Ma Xiaoqiu, Charles Sullivan, starting from the left

Ma Xiaoqiu at the summit witnessed the collision of ideas from elites from all walks of life in both China and U.S. Having gained a lot of farsighted concepts, she further confirmed her original intention to widely spread Chinese traditional culture and Chinese values and further strengthened her determination to “pursue sun in heart” and her belief of turning into a Chinese cultural communicator and global cultural exchange promoter.

Ma Xiaoqiu was communicating with Dr. Yi Jinsheng, President of Wall Street Gravity Group

Ma Xiaoqiu with Liu Yiting, the famous “Harvard Girl” and co-partner of Colson Group

Ma Xiaoqiu with James, President of China Institute in America

Ma Xiaoqiu shook hands with Rolynda Eliot, Senior Vice President and Chief Director of Commercial Center of China Institute in America

Ma Xiaoqiu with Rolynda Eliot

As a founder of Ding Yifeng, Ma Xiaoqiu has always made joint efforts with Sui Guangyi in applying the wisdom of Chinese traditional culture to enterprise management. Their efforts over the years led to an enterprise full of Chinese wisdom, which set an example for global counterparts. Nowadays, Ding Yifeng with such enterprise culture set its subsidiary in U.S. This action happened to echo with the theme of this summit – “Opportunities and Challenges for China to Invest in U.S.

Collector Yang Hao presented a precious museum-level gold-plated copper sculpture created in Italy in the 19th century to Ma Xiaoqiu. The inspiration of this art works came from Artemis in Greek mythology, a goddess also called Cynthia who was not only a goddess of hunting but also a goodness of health, wisdom and harvest.


Charles invited President Ma and the team of Ding Yifeng to enjoy dinner together and presented a souvenir of Harvard University to President Ma

Thanks to the unremitting efforts by Ma Xiaoqiu, the culture of Ding Yifeng is further spread, noted and recognized by people from all walks of life in the United States; therefore, more and more people pay attention to and support Ding Yifeng. We firmly believe that a whirlwind of “Chinese value” has sprung up over the land of the United States from the remote East across vast ocean! In the near future, such whirlwind is bound to boost Chinese culture to bloom all over the land of western countries in a peaceful and friendly way.

Ma Xiaoqiu with Ning Yuan, President of China Construction USA

Ma Xiaoqiu Chatted with Dr. Yi Jinsheng and Mr. Charles Sullivan

Interior View of Harvard Club of New York City

Corner of Reception Room of Harvard Club of New York City

Brief Introduction:

Harvard Club: a high-end elite club founded by the alumni of Harvard University by combining Harvard Alumni Associations on 27 West 44th Street and 35 West 44th Street in 1887, with a history of over 130 years until now. The primary condition for becoming a member of Harvard Club is to be a graduate of Harvard University. Recommendation by two club members is required before application and then candidate must be verified by club manager before becoming a formal club member. If we say that Harvard University owns huge wealth and power, the most advanced technology and global influence among universities all over the world, then Harvard Club of New York City is one of the most influential communication venues. Over its history of more than 100 years, the club witnessed the wisdom exchange and collision of countless elites who had influenced the development of the world and promoted the exchange and development of world economy, culture, science and technology.

China Institute in America: a non-profit civil cultural institution founded in 1926 by Paul Monroe, a famous educationist of Columbia University in New York, and well-known Chinese scholars Hu Shi and Guo Bingwen, aiming at introducing Chinese culture and civilization and enhancing mutual understanding between Chinese and American people through various education and publicity activities.

Editor | Pang Zhi  Li Jiawen

Photo | Jiang Meihua