On April 25, 2018, Ms. Li Yanchun, President of Harvard Wealth Strategy and Management Company, General Manager of Hong Kong Unionpay Health Fund and President of Guangxi Linfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liu Shujun, President of American Oriental Bioengineering Inc. (AOBO) visited Ding Yifeng Group, and attended the morning meeting of the Group on that day.

Ms. Li Yanchun and Mr. Liu Shujun recited Tao Te Ching together with other guests.

AOBO, a multinational holding company, is the first Chinese private company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It has established several pharmaceutical and healthy food subsidiaries in China, including Guangxi Linfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Songhuajiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ms. Li Yanchun got acquainted with President Ma Xiaoqiu of Ding Yifeng Group during Ma’s trip to New York. Ms. Li was impressed by Ms. Ma’s charisma and marveled at the rapid development of the Group.

The guests listened attentively to the sharing of Mr. Sui Guangyi, Chairman of the Board of Ding Yifeng Group

Ms. Li Yanchun learned more about the development philosophy and model of Ding Yifeng after listening to talks of Mr. Sui Guangyi and Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu during the morning meeting. In her speech, Ms. Li described the meeting “unprecedented” and “exciting”, and told about the difficulties their company encountered to be listed in the United States.

She said, “In the face of numerous doubts at that time, we kept telling Americans about Chinese companies, the industry of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Chinese culture. In this way, we have spread Chinese culture to the outside world unconsciously.”

Ms. Li Yanchun shared her feelings about Ding Yifeng’s morning meeting and her experiences in the United States

Ms. Li Yanchun understood Ding Yifeng’s culture better in the process. She stated, “TCM and Taoism were both originated in China, and Taoism is a kind of belief as well as philosophy to us. President Liu Shujun and Chairman Sui Guangyi share much in common as members of the Chinese Taoist Association.” And she believed that Ding Yifeng is working on a great cause and its philosophy and development model has brought hope to the company itself, Ding Yifeng people and investor and even the whole Chinese financial sector.

Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu expressed her respects for those pioneers to the American market

Ms. Li Yanchun’s sincere speech was welcomed with lasting applauses in the Mingde Auditorium. Later, President Ma Xiaoqiu expressed respect for the pioneering spirit of people like Mr. Liu Shujun and Ms. Li Yanchun for their courage to take the lead to go outside and explore American market, the most developed market in the world, and thanked them for leading the way for Chinese companies to develop in America. She said, “Today, I find much common between your companies and Ding Yifeng in the pursuit for public benevolence and spirits. Ding Yifeng Group will make joint efforts to pass on the Chinese culture.”

After the morning meeting, Chairman Sui Guangyi and President Ma Xiaoqiu had a discussion with Ms. Li Yanchun and Mr. Liu Shujun. It is expected that the cooperation between two parties will be materialized in near future.

Li Yanchun:

Ms. Li Yanchun is the President of Harvard Wealth Strategy and Management Company, General Manager of Hong Kong Unionpay Health Fund and President of Linfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guangxi. Since her graduation from the university in 1993, Ms. Li has worked in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for over 20 years and exerted her intelligence and wisdom to promote female health. Her career from a saleswoman to general manager and president of a local enterprise to a national one and to a transnational one has revealed her intelligence and virtues of Chinese females.

Reporting by Lv Qiujia

Photographs by Zhang Weinan and Tang Suchi