On April 25, 2018, Ms. Li Yanchun, President of Harvard Wealth Strategy and Management Company, General Manager of Hong Kong Unionpay Health Fund and President of Guangxi Linfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liu Shujun, President of American Oriental Bioengineering Inc. (AOBO) visited Ding Yifeng Group, and attended the morning meeting of the Group on that day. AOBO, a multinational holding company, is the first Chinese private company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It has established several pharmaceutical and healthy food subsidiaries in China, including Guangxi Linfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Songhuajiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Ma Xiaoqiu, the founder of Ding Yifeng Group, was invited by SINOVSION’s New York Lounge on Apr. 10th 2018 in U.S. to talk with the well-known host Tan Lin about the wisdom of managing enterprises with morality. The TV program “Ma Xiaoqiu: Managing Enterprise with Morality” was broadcast on the morning of Apr. 20th, 2018 in U.S.

“New York Lounge” is an original interview program of SINOVSION. Mainly such guests as Chinese politicians, cultural masters and industrial celebrities are invited to share their amazing life stories. The host Tan Lin is the rising star of SINOVSION and a well-known Chinese anchor in U.S.


The Singapore branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC Singapore) will be launching its investment banking services, after it had received accretitation as an issue manager from Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Monday (16 April). 


U.S. – China 2018 Executive Summit was held at Harvard Club of New York City on the morning of April 12th, 2018 (local time in New York). Ma Xiaoqiu, President of Ding Yifeng Group, was invited to attend the summit. The summit was organized by China Institute in America and co-organized by China-U.S. Exchange Foundation and U.S. National Governors Association. The theme of the summit was Business in the New World Order with focus on Opportunities and Challenges for China to Invest in U.S., Re-Orientation of China-U.S. Trade Relations and other major topics.


Ma Xiaoqiu delivered a lecture at United Nations Headquarter at 12:00 on April 11th, 2018 (local time in the U.S.). The lecture was sponsored by China’s Ding Yifeng Group, organized by Top 100 Collectors Group and Wall Street HR Finance Association, and co-organized by US-China Entrepreneurs’ Federation, China Institute in America, Zen Tao Business School, Zhichong Culture and Business World. More than 60 guests from the financial street Wall Street, mainstream media and Chinese associations in the United States listened to the lecture by Ma Xiaoqiu (List of guests attached).


On April 10th, 2018 (local time in the U. S.), Ma Xiaoqiu, President of Ding Yifeng Group, was invited to attend the interview program New York Lounge of Sinovision TV after her journey to China Forum of Harvard University. She talked with Tan Lin, a famous Chinese host in the United States, about Chinese traditional culture and modern enterprise management at the program.


Singapore and China inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Beijing on Sunday ( 8 Apr ), paving way for more co-operation in third-party markets along the One Belt,One Road routes. 


On March 23 New York time, a team of Ding Yifeng Group led by Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu, the President of the Group, and Chen Guohua, the Vice President of the Group and General Manager of the Group’s subsidiary Shenzhen Cai Yi Tong Internet Technology Co., Ltd., met with Jay H. Freeberg and Magda Szabo, partners from Janover LLC at Madison Avenue, Manhattan District, New York City.


Ma Xiaoqiu (President of Ding Yifeng Group), Chen Guohua (Vice President of the Group and General Manager of Cai Yi Tong Intelligent Gold) and Yang Jian (Deputy General Manager of Cai Yi Tong Intelligent Gold) met and talked a lot with Mr. Yang, an enthusiastic supporter of Ding Yifeng, Director of Chinese Contemporary Art Foundation in U.S. and Director of New York Art Exchange, in the hotel where they lived in on the morning of March 20th 2018 (local time) in U.S.


As Ma Xiaoqiu, President of Ding Yifeng, led her team and arrived at New York at March 19th local time, Ding Yifeng officially started to prepare for establishing a branch in U.S. Senior executives of Ding Yifeng Group went there together with Ma Xiaoqiu, including Chen Guohua (Vice President of Ding Yifeng and General Manager of Cai Yi Tong Intelligent Gold Company), Jiang Meihua (General Manager of Ding Yifeng’s Branch in Singapore), Yang Jian (Deputy General Manager of Cai Yi Tong Intelligent Gold Company), Tang Suchi (President Assistant). It was reported that Cai Yi Tong’s Jinsuanzi Project was one of the plans that would be landed at Wall Street of U.S. this time.


Private sector economists and analysts have raised their forecast for Singapore's economic growth to 3.2%. This is an increase from an earlier prediction of 3% in December last year, according to the latest survey of professional forecasters by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


A year after the United States withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Singapore, along with 10 other countries signed the revised trade pact on Thursday (8 March) in Santiago, Chile. 

The other 10 countries are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and Vietnam.