Quantify Hedge Centres

Singapore Dingyifeng uses Zen & I-Ching Investment Theory for accurate prediction, focusing on the foreign exchange, oil, gold and hedge transactions. In the future, Dingyifeng global hedge trading centre will be established in Singapore.

According to the ranking report of 2014 Global Financial Centre Index (GFCI), Singapore is the fourth largest international financial centre after New York, London and Hong Kong, with its financial sector accounting for 12% of GDP. The contribution of the financial sectors towards Singapore’s economic development is undeniable. Its unique geographical location and a sound financial system are making Singapore one of the few international financial centres.

In order to further accelerate the international development process, Dingyifeng Group began to establish part of its important business layout in Singapore in 2015. As a result, Singapore Dingyifeng International Capital Management Limited is launched. The company is located at the Singapore financial centre Asia Plaza (Asia Square) and shares the same building office with Citibank, Sarasin Bank, Google, Lloyd’s Insurance Company and project developers MGPA companies and other top international enterprises.

The Group integrates five thousand years of Chinese tradition into its corporate culture that combines capital contest with cultural heritage.